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Becoming a naturally effective leader does not depend upon your ability to emulate the behaviors and attitudes of the “great leaders” you read about in books. Becoming a naturally effective leader simply requires you to stop trying to be someone else or some combination of other people. Naturally Effective Leaders begin by being themselves.
Natural Effectiveness™ Coaching, as uniquely practiced by Change Agents, Inc.,
will define the way you work most efficiently and effectively and position you to leverage your natural strengths to meet your goals. The result is tremendous power to lead, achieve and develop. Naturally effective leaders, by definition, will
not all engage in the same behaviors, or necessarily share the same core competencies. There are, however, certain identifiable characteristics shared by naturally effective leaders.
The characteristics of a naturally effective leader will not necessarily be behaviors
or competencies as these are usually defined. These characteristics can be grouped
under two essential traits. First, they have a vision; second, they work from their point of effectiveness.
They have a vision:
1. Naturally Effective leaders have a vision. They know where they
want to go and they know how to share that vision to inspire others.
These leaders can see where the organization or the team needs to go before others do so. They have the ability to look at the big picture, not only inside the organization, but outside as well, to formulate an energizing vision to move the organization forward. They also have the ability to clearly define or paint a picture of the future that inspires others. A naturally effective leader must be clear on his/her vision. Because they share that vision with others through their natural style, it makes a more powerful impact. Some naturally effective leaders lead through their take charge traits; some lead through their ability to draw people to themselves, perhaps through charisma; some lead through the strength of patience, taking a calm and patient approach to the vision that still engages because it gives people time to absorb the ideas; and high conformity types lead through structure.
2. Naturally Effective leaders focus on achieving the goals that will make their vision into reality.
Naturally effective leaders do what makes sense to them, and it works. This is because they have used their natural strengths to evaluate the capabilities of their organization and work from both their own strength and the strengths of the organization.
.Give people a possibility to live into, not an expectation to live up to..
— Ben Zander

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