Reading is an activity to gain knowledge and information. Versatility read basically obtained through the education of school. Versatility This reading is a skill that is very unique and important role for the development of science and to a communication tool for the life of every human being. Someone will get information and new knowledge by reading. After the reading, a person will receive an increase in power of the mind and sharpen the view, as well as add insight, even the act of reading is required by anyone who wants progress and improved himself. In this case, a teacher will teach how and the purpose of defining the curriculum and reading according to experts.
Reading is also a process that is carried and used by readers to get the message conveyed through the medium of written language writer or a process of matching pronounce letters or symbols written language. By reading means we do an activity or the way in pursuing coaching reasoning power. Someone indirectly already collect verbatim in connecting the intent and direction of reading that in the end the reader can conclude something with the power of reason has.
It is inevitable for example a teacher how to utilize the school library, which also has an important role in improving the quality of education. Conceivably so great and berkualitasnya teachers and our learners if they diligently go in, read a book and borrow books at the library. But it is very regrettable, let’s look at each library every school if it works or not? Or maybe just a pile of books or more ironic library just to book storage area (book warehouses).
By looking at the conditions that exist in the schools I have found that’s the real state. Principals and teachers should encourage their students to be diligent in reading books in the school library. Let’s look at the visitors book teachers can only count incoming teachers, borrow or just reading in the school library. With the condition that the author was convinced that the existence of a movement teacher read, then they increase the personal qualities of the teacher. Because reading is generally obtained skills for the development of science and as a communication tool for human life.
 Even if we see that a teacher will acquire information and knowledge as well as new experiences by reading. All acquired through reading or reading a book in the library that will allow teachers can enhance the power of his mind, sharpen vision and expand their ways of thinking. Thus, the act of reading is an activity that is needed by teachers who want to move forward and improve.
Therefore, the role of a teacher who taught to read at school is very important, even the experts who analyze the reading as a skill, looking at the nature of reading it as a process or activity which apply a set of skills in the process things were read to grasp the meaning. Read it as a process of reconstructing the information contained in the passage or as an attempt to process information by using the ability of the reader.
A teacher if diligent reading will undoubtedly increase the level of knowledge and professionalism in performing and teaching in front of their students. Diligently reading will also impact on their students, as they will join the trail of a teacher who was a teacher who diligently read. With the movement education teacher reads undoubtedly will move forward and even the quality of education will also be increased. Teachers not only have one handbook subjects. Teachers also will try as much as possible in the activities of teaching, because before teaching it will be read first as a preparation in teaching.
Minister of Education and Culture Mr. Anies Baswedan appealed to teachers to get used to reading that the students follow the habit. Because reading is a derivative of the teacher. Educated human character is a man who can read, love to read and able to express his thoughts in writing. In fact, according to him by reading will build logic so that teachers and students must be versed in the world of education. But the habit of reading teachers into one thing that must be considered carefully.
With the movement of teachers reading also had a significant impact on the competence of teachers, however, because the teacher must prepare the material for the purchase of textbooks aside to support and sustain the basic tasks and functions as a teacher. If it has become a movement, most likely when teachers go to the mall or traveling to the attraction he always bought and brought a book. So much time to spare will be immediately filled it with a reading activity.
Let’s see somebody teachers who are continuing their education to education S2 or S3 is very different from the way they think about a book. Most likely from the teachers if the bookstore always wanted to buy a book with a variety of both books that support their work as a teacher, as a leader or books that smelled of religion. With so many read the book, it will be able to open the horizons of a teacher, so the impact on the ability of teachers to write, especially the classroom action research. Movement teacher reading is a form of activity the teachers to digest and understand even the meaning of the various symbols in doing the process to think to understand what is contained in the text or symbols.
With the movement of teachers to read the teacher will be able to drive targeted critical thinking in the process of reading material so as to obtain satisfaction in reading. Because the movement will be able to dig the teacher reads the information, learn science, as well as enriching experiences and develop a depth of knowledge as a teacher. Hopefully, reading teacher movement can be supported by all teachers who want to change the paradigm of a classroom teacher professional in performing their duties as a teacher and principal.
By: Uray Iskandar, S.Pd.M.Pd
(Supervisory SMP in Sambas District Education Office)

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